COVID - 19 and the impact on us.

At 161 Dental Studio we truly care about your health and well being. We have been closely following updates and recommendations from the CDC, Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Dental Board. In order to best serve you and future patients, 161 Dental Studio will not be providing elective services until further notice. Emergencies such as profuse swelling or uncontrollable pain (not controlled by pain medications) and bleeding we will absolutely see you, as we want to prevent you from going to the emergency room. If you are experiencing such discomfort please do not hesitate to contact our office at 614-808-3688.

What is COVID-19 and how does it affects our health?

COVID-19, is an infectious disease caused by a new strain of the coronavirus. It affects a persons upper respiratory system, causing flu like symptoms such as a runny nose, dry cough, fever, and in more severe cases, difficulty breathing/pneumonia with the possible need for a ventilator. The virus is spread both by contact and is airborne. To avoid the further spread of this disease, many preventative mandates restricting social interaction and enforcing social distancing have been put into place.

How COVID-19 Impacts Dentistry

We have been thinking about our roles as a potential source of spreading the virus due to the production of aerosols, thus this makes us incredibly high risk in the transmission and contraction of COVID-19. This is the reason the state board has mandated postponing all elective dental work in order to help flatten the curve and preserve personal protective equipment for the hospitals. As mentioned we will continue to see emergencies such as profuse swelling or uncontrollable pain (pain unaffected by painkillers or keeping you up during the night). All elective treatments, i.e. crowns, fillings , cleanings etc. will be postponed until further notice.  

Maintaining optimal dental hygiene at home during this period is extremely important! Please brush your teeth twice a day, floss at least once daily and avoiding an abundance of sweets (especially sticky!). We all know this time of quarantine can lead to sweet cravings.

Staying Safe

  • Wash your hands frequently (for at least 20 seconds)
  • Maintain appropriate social distance (at least 6 feet)
  • Cough/Sneeze into your arm or tissue if necessary  
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth whenever possible
  • If you are experiencing symptoms, seek medical treatment early

We as a society have been significantly impacted by this disease, but remember we are all in this together, and my hope is that we will get through this pandemic together. Please stay safe, stay healthy, and stay indoors.

We look forward to serving you soon!

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